Meet Team FIFL

Barry Liben, Z"L

Barry Liben, z”l, served as the Chairman of the Board for Friends the IFL. He had been involved with the league since its inception. For 40 years Barry owned and ran Tzell Travel, a billion dollar New York based travel company. 

Yonah Mishaan

Yonah serves as the Chairman of the Board for Friends the IFL and vice-chairman for the AFI. Yonah is one of the founders of the AFI, IFL and Jerusalem ‘Big Blue’ Lions. He also coached the  women’s National Team for many years.

Betzalel Friedman

Betzalel is the co-founder and vice-chairman of the FIFL as well as the commissioner of the IFL itself. A former player and coach in the league, Betzalel also serves as an infantry officer in the IDF reserves. He and his wife have five children and he loves taking his oldest son to flag football practice.

Eric Cohu

Eric is our co-founder and our vice-chairman. Coach Cohu is currently the head coach at Little Rock Christian Academy, where he won the 2018 Arkansas State Title. He has won 4 more state titles in Virginia and Alabama.

Dovid Duchman

Dovid serves pro bono as our American legal counsel. An alumnus of the IFL’s Judean Rebels, Dovid works on the in-house legal team at Ryder Corp.

Gilad Shoham

Gilad is the FIFL Treasurer and founded the Ramat Hasharon Football Club with its adult team (Hammers) and youth team (Hawks, formerly Thunder). He served as the Chairman of the IFL for 5 years and started a summer football camp in Knoxville, TN, for Israeli youth.

Uria Loberbom

Uria serves on the boards of both the FIFL and the AFI and spent many years as a player and manager for the IFL’s Judean Rebels. A project manager by trade, Uria spends a lot of time on various projects that strengthen the Jewish presence in Gush Etzion.

Michael Bavly

Michael is our vice-president and sits on the IFL board as well. An associate with Glusman & Co. Law Firm, Michael serves as our Israeli legal counsel.

Brent Adams

Brent serves on the Friends of the IFL Advisory Board.  At the age of 10, Brent made his first trip to Israel which forever changed his perspective of both the New and Old Testaments.  Brent worked as an investment banker in New York City for 18 years after graduating from Texas A&M University where he was an Equipment Manager on the football team.  Brent lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Betty and daughter Moriah.  Together they are involved in several ministries and charities to bless Israel.

Dr. Brandy F. Gibson

Dr Brandy F. Gibson is an ordained minister,  and is the CEO of BFGibson & Associates, LLC, a Public Relations & Sports Marketing business residing on pro Israel Commissions.

Pastor Trey Graham

Pastor Trey Graham is an author, speaker, radio host and Senior Pastor of First Melissa, one of the most dynamic churches in North Texas and serves on the board of the Friends of the IFL. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Master’s of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  After West Point, Trey served his country as a Field Artillery Officer in the United States Army. Trey and his wife, Bretta, have six amazing children.