The Friends of the Israeli Football League (FIFL)

What we do at the FIFL

The Friends of the IFL (FIFL) was founded in 2015 by Jewish and Christian friends who love Israel and are passionate about football.

Our mission is to Build Community in the Holy Land through Football. 

Bringing together young men or women on a football team gives them tools and values for the rest of their lives.
Jews, Christians and Muslims, religious, secular and ultra-Orthodox, native Israelis, and new immigrants all become one working and striving, as a team, for victory. 
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How can I HELP?

Our coaching mission enables experienced football coaches to connect to a specific Israeli team and act as that team’s advisor and mentor coach. Our coaches also return to the U.S. as ambassadors for Israeli football.

Football equipment is not available commercially in Israel and we help facilitate new and used equipment donations, and ship them to Israel.

Running football leagues for thousands of kids, teenagers and adults is a worthy but costly endeavor. We aim to support the ongoing operations and constant growth of the sport that we love in the land that we love.

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Israeli Flag ANd Tackle National Teams

Proudly Representing Israel

Tackle Football

Israel currently competes in the European level Division B and is trying to qualify for Division A next year. Our last win over Spain was insane.

Men's Flag

The Men's Team won 3rd place at the 2023 European Championship in Ireland. The veteran team has had lots of success in the world arena.

Flag Women

Ranked #12 in the world, the Israeli Women's Flag Team is well known and highly respected. The 2028 Olympics are in sight.

Boys and Girls U17

Boys and Girls Under 17 Teams started in 2023 and have already had huge success at the Europe Championships in Italy.

In Rememberance

Since October 7th, the Israeli Football League has lost 4 of its sons. They will always and forever be in our hearts. 

Segev Yisrael Kitzner
Maoz Morel
Yotam Hillel
David Newman

Get Involved

You can get involved and help the FIFL right now by sending your donation for equipment or to sponsor a player.
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Recent AchievEments

Under 17 Men's Flag - 2023 European Champs
Men's (Adult) - European Championship
Under 17 Women's - European Championship

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