IFL Teams

The Israel Football League (IFL) was founded in the summer of 2005 by a group of Israelis who wanted to play tackle American football. The first season, played without pads or an official governing body, began in the Fall of 2005. In 2007, the league began fully equipped play under the umbrella of American Football in Israel (AFI), and Israel Bowl I was held in 2008.

The IFL is sponsored by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his family.

Currently in Israel there is only one American football stadium, the Kraft Family Stadium, all other games are played in soccer stadiums when available. A new stadium will be built in the near future in Haifa.

Haifa Underdogs

Haifa Underdogs was established in 2005, the same year the IFL was established. In 2007 team became a part of the IFL which was at the time joined under the AFI (American Football in Israel)

Jerusalem “Big Blue”  Lions

The Jerusalem Lions is an amateur football team in the Israeli Football League (IFL). Since forming in 2007, the Lions have reached 3 IFL Championship Games, winning it all in the 2007-08 season. In 2011, the Lions were the first team in IFL history to complete a regular season undefeated with a record of 10-0. 

Tel Aviv Pioneers

The Pioneers are an amateur American football team based in Tel AvivIsrael, playing in the Israeli Football League (IFL). The team is one of the four establishing teams of IFL. Previously based in Modi’in, the Pioneers moved to Tel Aviv in 2010. The Pioneers are one of the oldest and most experienced teams in Israeli tackle American Football.

Beit Shemesh Judean Rebels

IFL Football team was founded on the spirit of great Jewish Rebels from the heart of Judea. Orange represents the land of Israel loyalists all over the world and Green represents our defenders in the IDF.

Beersheva Black Swarm

Representing the south of Israel, the Black Swarm are based in Beersheva, the capital of the Negev. The Swarm joined the league in 2009 and has a large contingent of students from Ben Gurion University.

Ramat HaSharon Hammers

This powerhouse team, established in 2010, is based on the heart of the Merkaz. Ramat Hasharon is one of Israel’s best sports cities is home to a football club with two teams and a lot of spirit. 

Petah Tikva Troopers

Petah Tikva Troopers

The Petah Tikva Troopers attract players from all around the Sharon and Shomron regions.

Mazkeret Batya Silverbacks

The  Rehovot Silverbacks club was established in February of 2012 and is the newest member of the IFL League (Israel Football League). In 2014 the team moved to Mazkeret Batya and has played there ever since.